We create IT solutions that help to grow your business


Development from scratch along with software maintenance for your business


Big data

Our team will assist you with collecting and processing large volumes of data. We will also develop mathematical models that correspond to your business and aims.


Crypto & Blockchain

We have experience in decentralized systems development. Our experts will gladly help you both with creating a new project using Blockchain technology and with smart contracts development for already existent platforms.



Our professionals use only the most powerful solutions of e-commerce systems. We will ensure the sales growth and optimize your internal work processes.


Corporate software package

We will examine your business processes thoroughly, automate and optimize them according to the situation. Our quality standards will help to save your time and money.



We have experience in high-load systems development for processing financial data in real time.


Cloud Solutions

We are experts in cloud solutions. Our specialists will choose and configure the most appropriate system for your project specifically.

The complete fulfillment of your ideas and requirements within the necessary time frame

Full compliance with the requirements

In the very beginning, we will detect all the business processes, including even those necessary for the system development in the future.

Monitoring the project execution

We will find the particular methodology of the selection process, that will ensure the balance between the workload, resources, quality and risks.


We provide a comprehensive review at each development stage to avoid bugs and bottlenecks.


We support the international standards. All the data are stored in strict compliance with NDA.


Expert assessment of your IT projects

We will examine the project architecture

We will study your business processes carefully and determine, if the connections between the system components are built properly.

We will conduct infrastructure auditing

We will study your business processes carefully and determine, if the connections between the system components are built properly.

We will detect unmaintainable code

We will detect the faults, which will lead to the complications with code maintenance, editing and understanding.

We will improve team communication

We will help to make the communication more efficient, which as a result will avoid non-productive actions and shorten the terms of work performance.

In partnership with us, you will get a proper and transparent understanding of how to optimize the workflow in ongoing projects.

Implementation auditing

You can clearly see, if the project is 100% capable to address its issues and if your team manages to launch it in time.

Functionality verification

You will find out, if there are inconsistencies between software-hardware configuration and your business requirements.

Risk Reduction

You will be able to implement the recommendations on risk-management actions and fault tolerance improvement of IT-infrastructure.

Budget optimization

You will reconsider project implementation and support costs.

We know how to help you maximize the impact of IT-investments.

Tell us about your goals and we will discuss them within the next 24 hours.